Footwear and leatherwork fabrics

A wide range of varnishes, padding/cushioning and lining materials, faux suede, nubuck, face materials as well as decorative materials, heel linings and reversible zippers fabrics. All materials are available in a variety of colours and having a number of distinguishing features in addition to their different thickness and softness, together with the best price on the market. Our enormous warehouse and fast deliveries make our offer indispensable for manufactures and brokers e.g. for wholesales. Thanks to our footwear and leatherwork, it is your product that will be the best. Even today make a choice and join the growing group of our satisfied customers. read more »

Bookbinding fabrics

Fabrics of the best properties and parametres manufactured with most superior of modern press technology and solutions. All materials can be perfectly pressed and decolorized under heat. Fabric covers (covering materials) may be used in manufacturing office goods and faux leather products. They may be applied to hardcover books, albums, notebooks and calendars. In order to meet all of your creative needs, we offer an extensive choice of colours and textures. Every fabric visible on our webpage is available in the our warehouse from 1 running metre. read more »

Fabrics for medical mattresses

It is a specialist fabric used in medical and treatement centres, beauty parlours ans spa beauty salons. The material is manufactured using a technology which makes it impereable for human fluids. Due to this fact and many other features, it meets the strictest hospital requirements. This is an original Italian product which offers high breathability, being at the same non-combustible and having a bacteriostatic effect. The fabric is available in a few basic colours. Take care of yourself and your patients and choose the quality of the best material. read more »

Cork fabric

It is a natural product utilised in upholstery, furniture industry, tailoring. It suits perfectly to be a decorative fabric in order to create charming and unique interiors. The material may be used for making drapes, curtains, chairs, coverlets, cushions and slipcovers. A wide palette of colours and patterns is available on either thick or thin material. The quality of the cork fabric is the best possible due to innovative manufacturing techniques. read more »


In this section you will find all you need to create a ready product. We have specialist materials like spacer fabrics which are used e.g. by uniformed services. Aditionally, you may find cutting plates and cutting matts as well as materials indispensable for footwear and bags manufacturers, such as shoe elasic, hook and loop fasteners (velcro), reinforcement tapes/seem tapes, polyurethane foam. read more »


We provide products of the highest possible quality which is guaranteed by carefully selected fabrics and the continuous work during the manufacturing process to improve and perfect the goods and merchandises. For selected fabrics, technical data, certificates and test results may be available.
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Consulting (your advisor)

A highly qualified consultant will help you to select the most suitable products and make the best choice. They will quickly respond to your every question. Moreover, they will assist you in carrying out a unique prodedure in order to recapture and reproduce any fabric you would like.
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Orders (how to order)

You have to fill in the contact form which is on the webpage next to a chosen fabric, clicking on 'order'. You may also phone or write an email, both the telephone number and the email address are available on our webpage. We promise to reach you within a few hours and present you with the most convenient and beneficial offer.
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