Our mission

Since the beginning of our company, in Karisma we prioritise high quality. We strive to fulfill every client's needs by offering wide range of synthetic fabric and additives used for clothing, footwear and textile production. We never take the path of least resistance, accepting poor material, but we choose all products very carefully.

Our goal is to constantly increase our assortment and reaching the widest possible group of customers. Our offer is tailored especially for furniture, footwear, bags and cover producers, as well as wholesalers & production sites.

Our goal was always to build trust between us and the customer, and thanks to this we supply fabric to the biggest wholesalers in Poland.

Today one of the most important source of information is the Internet.
In response to our customers' expectations, Karisma establishes new business standards, making fabric available as never before! We offer not only the biggest eco materials assortment in Poland, but also the largest collection of photos and descriptions, as well as the most practical logistical solutions..

We consider every order. Every unusual request like changing the texture, carrier, surface or parameters like creasing, thickness and elasticity is not a problem. We provide dependable advice on the choice of fabric, based on our over 20-years’ experience. With us you will always be ready for the season!

For our verified customers we open new possibilities discussed individually.

Our company is always open on neighboring countries and we seek permanent and effective cooperation. Numerous warehouses located in different parts of Europe and Asia create wonderful logistical conditions and contribute to the constant growth of our company.

We have a constant and direct contact with each our customer, while providing regular and on-time deliveries. We put customer service to the next level! Do you want to try?

Start your cooperation with Karisma — the LEADER IN BUSINESS!