Each person creating the Karisma team must be reliable and engaged into company's development. We don't rely on our success but always seek for further opportunity to support our company. . Karisma is a good team of responsible people with passion and feel of duty.

Before making any big decision we analyze what effect will it bring. We believe in ourselves and in good intentions of each member of our team. But success is not an accident. It is the effect of persistence, business knowledge, bold but reasonable innovation adoption and cooperation based on the experience exchange.

We are a firm company putting on self-assured, entrepreneurial people. We do not tolerate irritability nor greed. We act wisely, having in mind good and regular relationship with the client.. Money — although very important — is never put higher than honesty in our set of priorities.

If you are a reliable man taking care of your clients' and company's welfare, then you are a good match for our team.

5 things we value the most:

  • honesty
  • patience
  • foresight
  • communicativeness
  • ability to work with team and client

Are you a good merchandiser? Are you full of energy and positive thinking? Do you work with clients that use synthetic fabric & accessories? Do you want to feel appreciated for your hard work?

Then don't hesitate! Contact us today.