Terms of cooperation
We make every effort to ensure that the quality of cooperation is as high as possible. We provide not only the best materials, but also a high level of service that will make you want to work with us regularly. We are a solid company and with all our hearts we wish a pleasant and effective cooperation.

Please find below cooperation conditions that we have to meet.

Instant reply

You will get e-mail response to your inquiry on the same day. Usually, within 1-2 hours.

Quick delivery

The ordered goods usually arrive within 7 days. Sometimes, even on the same day!

Friendly terms of payment

We want to be your partner. You can pay for ordered goods even upon receipt. We are able to make payment terms even more attractive for our regular, large customers.

Low minimum quantities

Mostly we sell fabrics from 1 roll.
Although we do not sell retail, we are ready to reduce the minimum amount needed to order in the event of the sale of sample materials.

Safe transportation

We order a courier service by ourselves or deliver order directly to the customer. It is a guarantee of a reliable and fast delivery.

Start working with us today!