Our history

The beginning

Our activity started in early 90's. Through the commitment and diligence we quickly settled in Polish market and became a competitive company. We worked with wholesalers and smaller stores, and that made us more and more recognisable. Our offer included interesting and season-appropriate fabrics, while our winter, spring, summer and autumn season readiness made us possible to cooperate with many customers.

Our growth

After a few years our family company has turned into a limited liability company (Ltd.). We have always aimed to develop, with the new name that remained to this day. In order to widen our offer and make it more attractive we pursued new connections with foreign factories. Regular meetings with our foreign partners strengthened our business relations and helped to make new ones. Thanks to that we now proudly have the widest assortment and the most attractive synthetic fabric offer in Poland.

New horizons

Recognising the increasing demand for bookbinding fabric, we rapidly added them to our offer. We now work with large wholesalers and producers of calendars, notebooks, books and other office materials as well as haberdashery.

In 2013 we expanded our offer by adding footwear & clothing production accessories. Our assortment become as wide and comprehensive as ever.

Desire to grow even further motivated us to create a website to cooperate with larger numer of domestic and foreign companies.

Our care of customers

Good contact and professional service of our regular clients was always a priority for us. Regular deliveries, even a few times in a week, have made us an essential and irreplaceable partner with fabric & goods.

We respect our clients' time and money while working on best possible cooperation. We have a constant contact with our regular clients, thus showing them that we are always available. With similar diligence we care for new customers and maintain good relationship with them.

The proper approach to business and cooperation considerably helped us to succeed in Polish market and allow us to operate for more than 20 years.

Pioneers in the business

As one of the first suppliers of fabric in Poland we may boldly call ourselves „pioneers” in business. But that's not the only reason...

Since the beginning we were the ones that determined the standards. Now on our website we present the only company in Poland that imports and sells fabric of such wide application. It is designed for bookbinders, footwear makers, pursemakers as well as furniture & clothing producers. And all of this at a very good price! Do you know other company like ours?

Work with us, pioneers in the business!