Guarantee and service


Karisma Sp. z o.o. acting as the Supplier is responsible for the quality of supplied fabrics, provided they are properly mounted and maintained - regarding finished products - and properly transported and stored.

In case of revealing any hidden defects of fabric delivered to the Recipient in period of 24 months from the date of delivery (defect warranty), Parties shall adopt the following measures:

Please enclose the following documents and information::
  • copy of the invoice confirming the sale of faulty fabric
  • in the case of fabric defects on the finished product: a copy of the item purchase proof and complaint application
  • an element of the defective fabric, to investigate the legitimacy of complaint application (in the case of application being sent by e-mail, please provide the fabric piece through the traditional post)
  • other documents of necessary information: photos, inspection report etc.

In the case of receipt of the complaint without any of the above elements, Karisma Sp. z o.o. may reject any claims of the customer.

Karisma Sp. z o.o. is obliged to consider the complaint and answer the customer within 14 working days since the receipt of the complaint.


In the case of Fabrics remaining in the customer's stock, Karisma Sp. z o.o. will immediately exchange defective fabric at its own expense.

In the event that for any reason the exchange is not possible, the customer can withdraw from the purchase of defective fabric and return the fabric promptly, while Karisma Sp. z o.o. will refund the purchase price and adjustment VAT invoice(s) within 7 working days.

In the case of finished products fabrics:

  • The Customer will send to Karisma Sp. z o.o. the calculation of repair costs incurred along with the documentation. Karisma Sp. z o.o. will then refund accepted repair costs to the Customer.  
  • In cases where the product repair is not possible or not cost-effective, and the Customer wants a reduced selling price of the product, Karisma Sp. z o.o. will reimburse the cost related with reduced price, but in an amount not greater than the value of fabric used in the finished product, as stated in the calculation (showing the fabric wear).

Karisma Sp. z o.o. will conduct correspondence with the client on its own.

Complaints are not subject to damage and defects resulting from improper or inconsistent with the instructions:

  • mounting the fabric on the finished product
  • use of the product by the Customer
  • storage or maintenance of the finished product
  • damage and defects resulted in any circumstances not caused by KARISMA Sp. z o.o.
  • natural wear of the product
  • complaints are not subject to differences in fabrics resulted by different production series made by the fabrics producer.

Matters not covered by this procedure shall be governed by the applicable law (Civil Code).