Quality of products

Our entire offer is based on proven and carefully selected fabrics. Over 20 years of experience in the industry has taught us to recognize valuable materials, and reject other ones. We are never satisfied with poor quality fabric. We ensure them to be treated with the utmost care from production process to delivery to the customer.

We cooperate with many factories around the world, and the process of selecting fabrics that goes to our customers is truly unique. We believe that among the infinite number of samples we have to choose the ones that will satisfy customers on the Polish and foreign markets. All the time we are open to new technologies and designs to keep up with the rapidly changing trends.

The diversity of our customers allowed us to become familiar with everything that is important for footwear, handbags, bookbinding and furniture fabrics. Thus we multiply our own experience and knowledge as well of our contractors, so that the final product was faultless in every aspect.

Find out for yourself that ECO leather is the best quality choice.