Specialized services
We offer you specialized services: material reproducing and launch your warehouse.

Launch your warehouse

This is a unique offer for verified customers. We want to meet our regular contractors' needs, allowing them more freedom to purchase and dispose goods in the longer period. We believe that this service will help you to plan production in advance and allow to make other business ventures simultaneously

How it works?

The service consists in making part of our warehouse available to the client’s needs. Our experience has shown that customers are not always able to hold a large amount of material. Others prefer to pay "in installments" in order to maintain liquidity, but still want to be sure that the goods will be waiting for them, available immediately.

Calculation example:

You anticipate that you need 10 000 linear meters (sample amount, may be less or more) for the next year. At the moment you have a planned production using 1/10 of the materials. You declare that you will take 1000 linear meters every month. Before the end of the year you should then take all the goods.

You can pay for each part of the goods upon receipt.
On the other hand, if you are only limited by space, you can pay for everything in advance.


Remember that although this is an extremely attractive service, you have to think ahead when you want to use it. Each request is considered individually. We reserve the right to make the final decision on the launching of someone's warehouse.

The service is based on an agreement, which obligates two sides to comply with it within a specified period and to accepted principles.


  • financial stability
  • no high expenses
  • goods available immediately
  • saved space in your warehouse
  • goods shipping to the desired location and at convenient time

Material reproducing

The service is designed for each customer. Please send a sample of the material, and we will try to reproduce the fabric with identical parameters at an attractive price. Read more: material reproducing