For over 20 years in business we earned many important contacts. Thanks to them we have a really wide assortment. We cooperate with many 100%  polyurethane-coated materials producers around the world. We offer a variety of colors and fabric types. Among them are:

Fabrics for footwear and pursemakers

  • surface materials,
  • suede & microfibre,
  • nubuck,
  • fringes,
  • heel cup,
  • fur & lining,
  • decorative,
  • glossy,
  • zip materials

Hundreds of colors, shades, and textures create a huge palette of possibilities. We do not limit ourselves to one type of fabric. You can find everything you need! Look at: footwear and leatherwork fabrics

Fabrics for bookbinding (for stamping & thermal binding)

We have several hundred fabrics with the best parameters. On request, we provide certificates and attestation, which are a guarantee of their quality. Since these materials have a good stamping & thermal binding parameters, you will be able to create a fabulous series of calendars, books or albums. Perfectly suited for leatherette. Look at: bookbinding fabrics

Fabrics for medical mattresses

We realize that specialized fabrics require more attention at the production stage. It involves adequate storage of substances used in the manufacture, regular maintenance of weaving machines performed by a qualified specialist, laboratory tests examining the strength, sterility and a number of other factors that must be met with the fabric that is in contact with human skin in conditions susceptible to infections and other diseases.

What distinguishes us as a reseller of these fabrics is the attention to details — so important for fabrics used in medical centers, surgical, cosmetic and spa clinics.

The fabrics are made ​​in technologies, such as preventing penetration of ethanol, and human fluids such as blood and urine. This original Italian product retains high breathability, while remaining bacteriostatic and non-flammable.

In the market investigation process we had to deal with different fabrics at very tempting prices. Even at first glance, their quality left a lot to be desired. If you don't want to complain this material from time to time, do not let yourself be tempted by a seemingly good offer.

The fabric that we offer is sold to hospitals in Italy, Germany and France. Hospital requirements regarding fabrics covering the mattresses are very high.

Take care of yourself and your patients. Bet on the proven quality!
Look at: fabrics for medical mattresses

Cork fabric

Natural material extracted from the cork oak tree bark, used in the production of shoes, handbags and other accessories. We offer a wide range of patterns and colors of cork. This is the only such diversified offer on the market! Additionally, we provide cork laminating with various carriers: thin, thick, stretch. With such variety of application, cork is used in many industries. Create a marvellous collection of tablet and laptop covers, shoes and handbags for people who appreciate innovation and want to be up to date. Look at: cork fabric

Extras and accessories

The relatively young department created to meet the needs of existing customers. It quickly began to have great interest also among our new customers. It is a kind of a supplement to our offer "limited" to synthetic fabrics. We offer only products with the highest performance:

  • shoe rubbers
  • polyurethane & latex foams

Look at: accessories

Our offer is bigger from one day to another, and the website is regularly updated with new materials and textiles.

If you can't choose the proper product among the thousands of others, do not worry! Call or write!